24 okt. 2012

Ann-Katrin Braf was born in the Swedish town of Gothenburg in 1973.
The artistic basis of Ann-Katrin Braf`s work established in the famous traditional ceramics factory of Swedish Gustavsberg.It was in this factory environment that Ann-Katrin after several of year of studies in design,arts and crafts started her own studio.
For Ann-Katrin the creative process is inspired by the daily encounters we have with other human beings and animals.The experiences of human life,sometimes pleasent and somtimes painful,are continuous source of inspiration.
When Ann-Katrin a year ago learned that she had an abdominal tumor she was faced with one of the most difficult question in life;will I survive?`Úntil the opposite is proven to be`´was the reply of physsician.The experience evoked thoughts and feelings about what is important in life.Today is Ann-Katrin is fully recovered.Her work is dedicated to life from the perspectiv she has today.This outlook is characterized simultaneous presence of playfulness and seriousness,delicacy androughness.Her pieces exhibit a love for artistic contrasts and creative collisions.
Ann-Katrin has been awarded the "Stora Formpriset"by the magazine Residence.Her resume contain several exhibitions and public assignments.

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